View from the Blue

Celebrating our water planet

Based in London, UK, Simon Spear is a multi award winning underwater camera operator and filmmaker who has been recognised for his work at image festivals all over the world. Simon’s biggest fear is that our Seas and Oceans could be in terminal decline, and through his films he hopes to raise awareness of their plight while at the same time show their beauty and wonder to a wider audience.

Simon has had his underwater footage used in a diverse range of documentaries, films, tv and cinema releases. He is a Director of the Shark Conservation Society and he is qualified as an HSE Commercial Diver and PADI Divemaster.

Simon’s wife Zoe is an accomplished underwater photographer and videographer and they can often be found out filming or exploring together. Zoe is an experienced diver and is qualified as a PADI Divemaster and EFR Instructor.